WARNING: The following campaign is not suitable for those who are under the age of 18, or who are offended by swearing, derogatory or otherwise offensive behaviour.

Three joined together to search for the stolen Staff of Emmery. This epic quest would take them all around the land and beyond, where they would find support, find adversaries and eventually suceed. But when a deeper evil was uncovered, they set out to halt it’s rapid spread. But they failed. TPK all round.

TO DO LIST (for all campaigns, updated Friday 27 Feb)
Person Task
Everyone Expand backstories as much as possible in campaigns. Add evil campaign to shadows. Do as much as possible for your characters.
WoodyIsGay Add Eltharion to the shadows campaign and create your other characters (Tormlin and Zoltan) and add them to their respective campaigns
fukachu Help expland the wiki and background information. Start the formatting if you’re feeling zealous. Create NPCs and transfer them to NPC?
wids Add latest update for Dracolich, also transfer anka to NPC. Learn to count.
Trebor Add your characters as PC’s in their respective camapaign
discomute Continue to expand on Hot Seattle Nights. Create and expand on NPC’s

Feel free to strikethrough when done and add if you have a request for someone. Once we have this set up though, individual requests should happen less often, and everyone can just add what they want. Except for maybe the DM of the campaign.

Shadows of the Eclipse

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