Infiltrating Rogue operative.


S: 12 D: 18 C: 12 I: 14 W: 12 Ch: 12


As the younger son of a minor noble Jaeger found himself with few prospects, so when he was approached to be a member of the Royal Intelligence Branch he leapt at the chance. After months of training in infiltration and information gathering, as well as martial techniques, he immerged into the kingdom as a highly skilled operative. Within months though he uncovered a conspiracy that reached into the intelligence branch itself, which he only discovered because he was new enough to the agency that the double agents weren’t aware of him yet. Despite his best efforts however he was unable to act fast enough to prevent the brutal usurping of the thrown by the Kings nephew backed by the forces of an evil cult, which saw all members of the kings court and all agents of the King rounded up and slaughtered. As a member of the aristocracy and now a known intelligence agent, Jaeger was forced to flee the kingdom.

So now he found himself alone in the world, a highly trained operative with a burning hatred for all those who sought to bring evil to the world.


Shadows of the Eclipse Trebor