Druid 9 / Monk 1, NG


STR: 26
DEX: 10
CON: 21
INT: 14
WIS: 18
CHA: 9
(stats reflect Raven as a Rhino)
Fort/Ref/Will: 13/4/15
AC: 22
HP: 73

Attack: Gore +14 2d6+12 (x2 when charge) Or a Grapple of +22

Martial Weapon Proficiancy: Longbow
Improved Toughness
Scribe Spell
Natural Spell
Quickened Wildshape
Flurry of Blows
Improved Grapple
Unarmed Strike

Animal Companion
Nature Sense
Wild Empathy
Trackless Step
Resist Natures Lure
Wildshape 3 a Day, Small, Medium or Large
Wis to AC
Venom Immunity

0: 6
1: 5 (usually cure lights)
2: 5 (usually restorations)
3: 4 (usually cure mods)
4: 3 (usually offensive)
5: 1

Magic Items: Ring of Protection +1, Amulet of Natural Armour +1, +1 Heavy Wooden Shield spell resistance 13 (his shoulders hurt from carrying SO MANY MAGIC ITEMS)


Backstory: Raymond “Raven” K√Ľkoja (cook-yo-va) was born to a merchant family in a midsized northern town Sigulda. His father was not as wealthy as he pretended and was obsessed with the idea of joining the noble elite. What happened when he was 15 was unclear, but his fathers dealings got himself killed. In Sigulda, property cannot pass to women, so his mother and younger sister (Priscilla) were safe, however his mother and one of his workers gave him to the local druid, Vordecai to protect him.

He joined this druid and learnt his ways, and soon came to revere Ehlonna and nature. When he finally became a druid, he worshipped Ehlonna, which is not common of the druids. From his mentor, he was instilled a sense of self-sufficiency, and wanted to be able to fight, cast and heal. However he wanted to use his powers to help nature and those who could not protect themselves, whereas Vordecai believed in living in savage harmony of the world.

Dring a stop in the dense temperate forest near the elvish settlement of ????, he spent his time looking after nature, and honing his powers with his wolf, Hondo.

One day the elves summoned him, as their seers had foretold of a powerful magic item (Staff of Emmery) had been stolen and threatened their land. Joined by Trogdor, the dwarven fighter/cleric whose clan were the traditional protectors of Staff of Emmery and Eltharion, the Wild Elf Ranger who was the most talented fighter the Elves had, the party set off to recover what was taken…

(Raven suspects the fact that Eltharion is such a total liability and TOOL is another reason why the village elders wanted to send him on a years-long mission.)

Class: Raven was a level 9 Druid with a level of monk, of which he has been ridiculed for power gaming from the WILD elf ranger, Eltharion “my chosen enemy is undead because that is the largest category” Moonblade, whose wields two scimitars without use of a feat. Also Eltharion has probably not noticed that the hit on spellcasting results in a less powerful druid, but that is because the wild elf is retarded. Go and stick your head in front of a nest of Mesa’bans again and see if I raise you a second time.

Role in the Party: Raven was secondary in all he did. He was a good spellcaster, but the primary caster was Grout (Halfling Sorcerer). He could fight, but the primary fighter was Eltharion and Trogdor. Him and Trogdor (Dwarven Fighter Cleric) shared the healing, including the non-HP healing. Probably his foremost use was that of transport – a Rhino can carry the entire party, easily, plus ‘fly’ from the sorcerer and, presto, you have a [[rhino chariot]] capable of sailing over the DM’s plans!

Personality: Raven was very quiet, this was originally because he was my first DND character so I had no idea what to do. Later this was because he got around as a Rhino, and thus couldn’t talk. Trogdor and him had a complex system of signals though.

1 Stamp = Yes
2 Stamps = No
3 Stamps = I’m going to grapple the elf


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