Razorclaw Shifter Predator Druid

Stats Saves Mental Skills Physical Skills Knowledge Skills
STR: 11 HP: 26 Bluff: 0 Acrobatics: 3 Arcana: 0
CON: 14 Surges: 9 Diplomacy: 0 Athletics: 8 Dungeoneeering: 0
DEX: 17 Fort: 12 Heal: 4 Endurance: 7 History: 0
INT: 8 Ref: 14 Insight: 0 Stealth: 3 Nature: 6
WIS: 18 Will: 15 Intimidate: 0 Thievery: 3 Religion: 0
CHA: 10 AC: 16 Perception: 9
Init: 7 Speed: 7 Streetwise: 9

Hide Armour
Tiger Mask Totem

Implement Expertise

At Will Encounter Daily
Wild Shape Darting Bite Faerie Fire
Thorn Whip
Grasping Claws

Backstory: Vordecai Haradin comes from a forest and marshland area that is located next to the small but wealthy town of Sigulda. When he was young his grandfather, who was the elder of the tribe, decided to move them to Sigulda for the prospect of better life. His father was one of the few who opposed the move which caused tension in his family. While growing up, his father took him to the wild every chance he had, and soon recognised Vordecai’s gift as he was blessed with the spirit of the Primal Beast.

When Vordecai was of age, and with his fathers permission, he returned to the wilderness his tribe had once called home. Meanwhile his father, who considered himself too old to make the move to the home he loved, had a job working for the K√Ľkoja family. When the head of the family disappeared in clouded circumstances, the only son, Raymond, was given to his care in an arrangement worked out by Raymond’s mother and Vordecai’s father.

Over the next few years Vordecai taught Raymond the ways of the wild, and trained him as a druid. However as Raymond’s powers grew so did their disagreement. Raymond thought he should use his powers for good, and travel the world honouring nature and righting wrongs. However Vordecai wanted the quiet life of the forest, to live in the great cycle of nature. This disagreement led to a heated argument where Raymond left and began to travel the world.

Vordecai spent the next few years becoming more attached to the way of his life and slowly losing any trace of civilisation within. To him the thrill of the hunt, the shock of cold water in the morning, and the simple beauty of the woods at twilight was all he craved.

One night as he prepared a campsite he suddenly became incredibly tired. He collapsed soon after, and as he dreamt, the Primal Beast made him watch a battle between his protege Raymond and a great and evil Ogre Shaman. As he watched Raymond’s allies fall quickly leaving Raymond to grimly battle to the end he felt an accepted sadness – as life and death are part of the cycle. But when he witnessed Raymond’s soul get bound to a stone and stored for evil purposes he awoke with a piercing howl.

He shifted to his tiger form and began to run, as he could not be at peace again until Raymond’s soul took its place beside the Great Beast where it belonged…

Level and Role: Vordecai’s level is unknown as we haven’t yet rebooted the Shadows campaign. He is the controller of the party. He carries a tiger mask as his totem, and when he wild shapes to a white tiger the mask is being worn by the animal.

Personality: Vordecai is independent but happy to be working in a group for the good of his mission. He has no tolerance for deviations that will keep him from his mission – to slay the Ogre Mage and the great evil behind him, and to free Raymond’s soul. He feels a great sense of shame as to what has happened, but that mostly manifests itself as rage. He feels greatly in debt to all those who stood by Raymond during his final battle.


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