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Party Original Dead Gone Soulbound
Ahmed Y
Eltharion Y Y
Grendel Y
Grout Y
Jaeger ?
Matt Y
Mortlock Y
Trogdor Y ?
Raven Y Y
Animals Type Animal Owner
Hondo Animal Companion Wolf Raven
Hoots Animal Companion Owl Eltharion
Spiceweasel Familiar Weasel Grout
Whisper Animal Companion Panther Raven

Shadows of the Eclipse

Started, April 2004 TPK, October 2007

The theft of the extremely powerful Staff of Emmery from a dwarven clan + shamed them greatly. Soon an elvish messenger from +(village I can’t remember) arrived with a message. Pick a champion to represent your people and meet our elders. Trogdor was chosen, as his comparatively wild ways and clerical training was seen as advantageous for this quest. He arrived where he was introduced to Eltharion Moonblade, chosen champion of the elves, and Raven, the druid who patrolled the nearby forest. The seers had seem that the staff, which has the ability to shape positive and negative energy, had threatened the entire region.

The three set out to the underground complex of Spindlerift, where the rod had last been scryed upon. Fighting small pockets of Hobgoblins and Orcs, and nearly losing the druid to an underwater serpent, they arrived.

They befriended a local goblin called Anka, who directed them to where they needed to go. They found him to be a traitorous weasel, as they were actually sent to a wererat hotspot, where they lost Hondo, the druid’s wolf.

After escaping the wererats, they met a wizard named (can’t remember) who made a deal with them to scry on the staff if they found out who had raided a caravan recently, and bought him back the property he had lost.

Upon investigation they realised the raiders were a group of lizardmen, and attempted to infiltrate their compound. A whisper gnome called Matt was found imprisioned in the dungeon. Finally found there way to a fortress where they encounter a black dragon who was clearly several levels above what they could handle. Raven charged the dragon while the other’s fled in terror, and the Black Dragon’s interest as to what the level 3 druid thought he was doing bought the party enough time to dive down a waterfall. The waterfall deposited them in a nearby cavern. In these caverns a heated argument broke out between Raven and Ahmed about how deserved an amulet of natural armour. Days later, Ahmed was rended by a troll, and as Raven rushed to heal him, he died trying to swallow the amulet.

A while later the party came across a travelling caravan of goods. Matt decided to stay with them, but a former carnie and halfing sorcerer, Grout, was looking for adventure and decided to join the party.

They tried to find a shortcut back to spindlerift to make up time – but ended up getting caught in a run down city infested with ghouls and other undead. an evil cleric called Taverik was using undead to search for something. The only way out of the citadel was by using two keys – on in taveriks possesion and one carried by the ghoul leader. After fighting these enemies and retrieving the keys __ something to do with an inevitable? And we were spoke to by a powerful dude who gave us that crazy quarterstaff.

They came back to spindlerift and found Anka and his chum Meegrot, and the druid took great pleasure killing him in cold blood.

Killed Tadpole. Who was tadpole? – he summoned wolves, I think we were on the plains somewhere.

Killed lots of Bugbears for some reason.

Insert grendel?

The party found out the fastest way out of spindlerift, and the only way to catch up time on the thief Rau, was to leave via a teleportation circle in the ruler of spindlerifts tower. Managed to get in through the sewerage drain and slaying a hydra after an excellent shot by Eltharion with a conveniently bought arrow of hydra slaying. Fought our way to the teleportation circle and solved riddle involving an angel and a devil – the angel then helped us escape the tower just as a meteor storm was cast.

remove grendel. I thought he left earlier than that

The Angel ended up teleporting the party to a village where magic was considered evil, which lead to the elf tackling fiasco. The party convinced village leaders they were witch hunters. After using a great deal of magic to rescue the wizard we imprisoned they sent priests to hunt us. Finally managed to find Rau, who had our staff. We had a clever plan in place, but he escaped.

The party followed him to another small town – ended up fighting our way through an entire thieves guild until we accepted a deal with the leader to show us a fast exit from the city and information abotu Rau in exchange for his life.

Finally the party caught up with Rau and we took great pleasure in killing him later discovering he was a wererat. Although the staff was recovered, we came across a mysterious temple of a long forgotten God, Denelle. Denelle showed us the evil that would spread across the land if Akubra the Soulbinder was allowed to flourish. Strapping the staff to the Druids back (with the strict instructions to wildshape to eagle and flee if a TPK is on the cards) they set off after him.

helped out some dwarves who had lost there homelands to monsters

fought shadow creatures including the guy with hammer and shadowhounds

following that fight somehow got transported into old temple of donel (sp?) where we found out about akubra’s plans.

this lead us towards the capital of gazant (which Is where we entered the sewers etc)

near gazant was another wizards tower (redman?) but he had been absent for a while. We looked through some of his portals and meet another wizard (or was one redman?) (also I remember an incident involving the elf and arrows of tiger slaying)

After killing the wingalinged elf thing that didn’t stay dead we released some prisoners including an elf called enria the blue or some crap.

when we entered the shadowplan the wizard teleported jaeger there to help us fight akubra.

Entered the sewers of another town to find Akubra’s fortress – fought off water trolls and worse until we rhino charioted across the ruins of an underground city and killed one of Akubra’s (stupid winged elf thing) lieutenants (except he didn’t stay dead) then entered the shadow realm (?) and found Akubra’s floating fortress.

Eltharion got his head pecked off due to his own idiocy, and Raven revived him as an Elf (as opposed to a wild elf).

Trogdor out grappled a giant worm.

They were killed at the hands of an Ogre Shaman, trapped inside a room and overpowered. (Actually Trogodor was turned to stone after failing a fort save against a toad gorgon’s breathe.) They were all revived long enough to have their soul binded to achieve great power for their evil masters…

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